Repairs Warranty


3R Mobile offers 180-day warranty on all parts and labour for Apple devices and 90-day warranty on all other products. To claim your warranty, you must save and present your repair receipt to one of our representatives to replace the part in question. Only parts repaired or replaced by one of our repair technicians is subject for further work under our warranty. Any work done under a valid warranty claim is provided free of additional charges provided the device is brought to us at our storefront location. Warranty is voided if the device that we repaired has been opened or repaired by any individual or third-party repair service other than 3R Mobile’s. Furthermore, the warranty will no longer apply if the phone has been misused, dropped, exposed to moisture, submerged or partially-submerged in liquid. All warranty claims are subject to the analysis and discretion of 3R Mobile employees.


Before using the repair services at 3R Mobile, you should back up your iPhone data using iTunes or your Android using your preferred method. For information on how to back up your iPhone, please follow this link. The 3R Mobile is not held responsible for any lost or corrupt data of your phone during or after repairs.

If the device being repaired has previously been serviced by any other third-party repair service other than 3R Mobile, we are not responsible for any additional damage or loss of integrity that the device may incur during repair procedures.

In using our repair services, the client is acknowledging that this may void any warranty that the manufacturer or issuer of the devices normally provides.


If, during a repair, additional parts of the client’s device becomes damaged, it is not the responsibility of 3R Mobile unless the technician fixing the device admits to fault. Trauma caused by the initial damage caused by the client or possibly even an inadequate assembly at the factory where it was manufactured can lead to further damage upon disassembly. If the technician admits to fault of such damage, the new damage will be fixed for free. Otherwise, the client has the option of paying an additional cost to repair the incidental damages or leave them as is.

In the case the incidental damage cannot be repaired and we have admitted fault, 3R will cover the cost to replace the device, less the cost of the original repair. Replacing the device may need to happen through a third-party, such as Apple or we may need to purchase a second-hand one. Under no circumstance will a full-priced, brand-new device be purchased to replace the device as the client’s device was not new upon using our services.


The repair shall be conducted in a time frame and location agreed to by the technician and the client. Should the client not be available at the beginning of the agreed time frame, we cannot guarantee that our technician will be able to wait for the client to arrive in the specified location. Furthermore, should the client not be available to retrieve the phone at the end of the repair in the time frame agreed to by both parties (within reason, at the discretion of the technican), the technician has the right to hold onto the client’s iPhone until another time can be arranged to make the exchange.


Payment for the use of our repair services will be made at the end of the repair. Should the client refuse payment after the repair has been performed, 3R reserves the right to withhold the device from the client until such payment is made for the repair.


Should a client’s device with an unpaid repair remain in our possession for over 45 days due to the client’s negligence, it will be considered abandoned and then becomes the property of 3R Mobile. Devices that have been repaired and paid for may remain in our possession (due to the client’s negligence) for up to 60 days before they become the property of 3R Mobile.


By using the repair services of 3R Mobile, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.