“ZTE Ban” what does this mean? Trade Wars between USA and China could have significant impact in the Telecoms Sector, especially for the consumer.

It is an Operating Systems (USA) Vs Hardware (China) war. The one can’t go with out the other; however the operating system and landscape created has an advantage. Hardware can easily be replaced, and there is a dime a dozen.

 Brands outside of China like Samsung, Nokia, LG and Sony may see an immediate benefit, and the fear that USA may do the same against other China brands may accelerate this even more.

 It seems the USA has the upper hand (At least for now), but will force the development of new Operating Systems by Handset manufactures to ensure their independence.

 This will cause proliferation of the apps market, and Operators and app developers will have to side with specific handset brands.

 Apple may then gain significant share due to the Trust in their product. Perhaps The Donald bought some Apple shares J .

 Apple is “The Beast” already See: https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/apple-half-smartphone-revenue/

 The decline off Apple uptake in China may also follow soon.

 On the other hand China (ZTE and Huawei) supply most of the worlds network Infrastructure (Except for in the USA and few European Networks).

 So be nice. Play Along Now.

 A Consumer

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